Early Childhood Consultation

Early Childhood Consultation

The way we talk to our childrenEarly Childhood Consultation

Made possible by Kids First

  • Teacher Coaching on Social-emotional & Classroom Strategies
  • Parent Coaching on Social-emotional Strategies for the home
  • Observation of Child
  • Preliminary Screening for Early Intervention
  • Mini Parent & Teacher Workshops on Social-emotional Topics such as:
  • Wiring your Child’s Brain for Resiliency and Self-regulation (material from Dr. John Gottman and Drs. Tina Payne Bryson and Dan Siegel)
  • What Discipline Really Means: “To Teach” (material from Drs. Tina Payne Bryson and Dan Siegel)
  • 4 Parenting Styles Related to Emotions (material from Dr. John Gottman)
  • Pyramid Plus Strategies for the Classroom
  • Pyramid Plus Strategies for Parents



I have a partnership with Kids First to provide social emotional support to the early childhood community in Pitkin County. There is no cost to early childhood programs for my services and I am able to provide up to 2 parent consultation meetings within this role. Support for parents beyond these 2 sessions is available but would be paid for by the family at my non-profit rate of $100 / hour.


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